Just For Laughs Festival (JFL42)

Published: 05 Jun, 2014

JFL42 returns to Toronto this year with the same format as last year. This year’s Headliners will definitely sell out quickly.

JFL Headliners

The Festival runs from September 18-27, 2014 and will be held at various venues throughout the city.

jfl42Cost of the passes range from $49*$299 depending on how many shows you would like to see. The passes, depending on which you buy, has credits that are used every time you attend one of the 42 comedy-related ‘things’ on offer.  It’s presented in an interactive format. Interactive being the key word!
*There is a limited number of the cheaper passes and usually sell out quickly.

The ‘interactive’ pass (which will be on your phone!) will give you the rights to connect, reserve and check-in. You then use your phone to check-in to the show, access your itinerary and receive information about the festival. They state on the website

If you want to cheat the system and get unlimited credits (and go to an unlimited amount of shows), make sure you check in to the show one hour before to one hour after showtime, You’ll get your credit back.

A ‘smartphone‘ is the only way to attend the Just For Laughs festival in order to get the full experience of this festival, so it may or may not be for everyone. They also encourage Facebook interaction, so again, if you haven’t an account with Facebook, you may miss out!

Tickets are on sale NOW via their Website.

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